Google and Microsoft offer free blockchain courses in training program

In addition to the blockchain, users should learn about smart contracts and the Ethereum network.

Launched this Wednesday (4), the „I Train“ program of the Digital Brazil Movement will offer two courses related to blockchain technology, according to the technological training schedule.

In total, 1,400 hours of free training are offered in areas such as technology and entrepreneurship in the „I Train“ program, including a course on blockchain that will teach users how to create an intelligent contract (smart contracts).

Promoted by large companies such as Google, Microsoft and FIAP, the Brasil Digital Movement „seeks to build proposals that bring technology and innovation to the centre of Brazil’s strategy.

Free blockchain course

The training programme „I Train“ has two courses in which blockchain technology is cited. Thus, in the „Blockchain Advanced“ candidates can learn more in-depth concepts such as „block chain“ and „consensus algorithm“.

On the other hand, there is a more comprehensive course which should also talk about blockchain technology like Crypto Investor. Thus, called „Emerging Technological Solutions“, the training course also aborted the „IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Realities and Parallel“.

In this case, the course duration will be only 40 hours, and those interested in training in emerging technologies can register through this link. According to the „Emerging Technology Solutions“ course schedule, some topics should be addressed among the students, such as:

  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation Technology
  • Creativity
  • Economy
  • Innovation
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Holographic
  • Sprint Design
  • Innovation
  • Smart City
  • Advanced education

The Eu Capacito do Movimento Brasil Digital program also offers an advanced course on blockchain technology that will last 100 hours in total. Besides talking about intelligent contracts, some topics may have a relationship with the Ethereum network.

The description of the „Blockchain Advanced“ course cites topics related to Bitcoin, such as the forks cryptomoeda has had in recent years, for example. In the course, students should also learn about the Working Proof consensus (PoW) and the Participation Proof (PoS).

„In this advanced Blockchain module, you will get to know applications that are changing business paradigms and you will also learn in practice how to create smart contracts“.

Google Program

The Eu Capacito program is the result of the union of large companies like Google, which created a group in 2018 involving private and public sector entities.

The objective of the ‚Google program‘ is to promote technological training and innovation in Brazil, and ‚Eu Capacito‘ is the result of a training program designed to offer free courses to the population.

„With ‚Eu Capacito‘, the Digital Brazil Movement intends to promote free professional training and educational actions of the private initiative, mainly those focused on technology skills“.

Thus, besides Google there are other 26 companies that are part of the Brasil Digital Movement, which offers two courses on blockchain technology with open registrations from this fourth (4).